National Provider Network of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries



We contract with multiple insurance companies and other payer sources to provide in-network prescription services.

Providing superior service is a cornerstone of our business. That’s why CannaScriptRx carefully vets the credentials of our provider networks. This assures our payer partners have access to only the best providers.


| About CannaScriptRx

We connect payors, dispensaries, PBM’s, and patients streamlining access to medical marijuana. By building trusted relationships with dispensaries, our patients can feel at ease while getting the palliative or therapeutic relief they need.

PBM Partners


Medical marijuana is impacting many states with new legislation, as an attractive alternative to treatments like opioids.


| Payor Benefits

When a prescription is filled, CannaScriptRx’s software creates a prior authorization request, in conjunction with one of our PBM partners, and sends the auto notification to the adjuster on the claim. This normalizes the prescription so that it appears to the adjuster in the same manner as a pharmacy prescription request.

The request becomes part of the injured workers’ medication history as well. All medication history will be in one system, so there’s no need to learn a new system and no changes to adjust to.

| Dispensary Benefits

By joining the CannaScript network, dispensaries gain access to CannaScriptRx Direct Referrals.

CannaScriptRx’s primary referral sources include:

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Self-Insured Employers
  • And the patient

Our national network can direct business to our dispensaries; our Clients can access our network like any other Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network.


| Patient Benefits

For the injured worker, this process enables you to get the medical marijuana without paying for it first, eliminating the need to be reimbursed.

With no out-of-pocket expenses, our patients can feel at ease while getting the palliative or therapeutic relief they need. Finally, access to the best providers across the country is straightforward. No upfront fees. No stress.


Cannabis is one of the most pharmacologically active plants on the planet with over 400 different active chemicals.

| Fast Facts

The term medical marijuana describes using cannabis, including cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, in a variety of forms to provide therapeutic or palliative relief to a medical symptom or condition.

Relief for symptoms like:

Nausea & vomiting

Pain & muscle spasticity



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